Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Join Diecast 64

What do you get when you cross a Hot Wheels club with a social network? One of the most unique Hot Wheels clubs out there. All the fun activities of a club built around the platform of a social network, allowing all to share and build relationships in an online setting.

Join DIECAST 64: A Club Dedicated to Lovers of Hot Wheels 
and Other 1/64 Scale Diecast Cars.

DIECAST 64 is a different kind of club. It’s more than a club. What makes it special is that it is a trusted social network of collectors, racers, customizers, and all those that love Hot Wheels and other 1/64 scale diecast cars. We share, inform, and help one another in a social network setting as we continue to grow and enjoy our hobby.

There are a ton of groups, forums, and blogs out there dedicated to Hot Wheels and other 1/64 scale cars. We were tired of bouncing all over the internet trying to learn from experts and stay informed on everything diecast. We want to get everyone in one place. We want to talk to each other. We want to hear stories and experiences from people like us. We want to learn from one another.
 That’s why we created DIECAST 64. 

As a member of the DIECAST 64 community, here’s what you’ll enjoy.

First and foremost, access to a community of people with the same passion as you for Hot Wheels and other 1/64 scale diecast cars. Benefit from all the expertise that others will share as you network with other collectors, customizers, and racers.

Access to contests, prizes, drawings and giveaways. We always have something we are giving away. As we are just getting started, as soon as we reach 50 members, we’ll give away $50 to one of those first 50 members. If we reach 50 before August 1, we'll double it to $100.

Enter our diecast photo contests. Some of the contest have themes, some are anything goes. We all love sharing pictures of our favorite cars. Now you can do it in a creative way and win prizes for it!

Enter our diecast custom cars contests. Like the photo contests, some have themes, some are anything goes. Show off your work!

Enter our Semi-Annual “Racing for Pinks” race - A winner take all race where you enter one car and could walk away with all of them. As our racing membership grows we will do more racing as well.

Play our Fantasy Hot Wheels games. Lots of Pick’em games and we’re excited to announce a real fantasy league starting next year where you get to draft cars for your team and set your lineup each week for weekly races.

...as well as other contests, treasure hunts, tips, tutorials, videos and more.

We support our club with an annual membership fee of $30, but we also have a $3 per month option if you want to try it out for a month or two.

Your contribution will be used to help our community grow, organize contests and races, have drawings and giveaways, and cover our costs to ensure this community becomes your favorite place to be on the web.

You’ll definitely get your money's worth. And if you don’t like it after a month just cancel your membership. If you're passionate about diecast cars you're going to have a lot of fun.

There are so many reasons to join Diecast 64 and become part of our community. Give it a try for a month or two and see what you think.  But don't wait, Join today!

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